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Dave’s story…..

"A huge thank you to Parship for helping me find someone so perfect for me!

I had not been a member for long, only about 3 weeks, and found the report on my personality very interesting and looked forward to finding and opening up communication with the partners suggested. The compatibility scoring was very useful, but it was also good to read about what people said about themselves. I was honest and put that I was thinking about a new motorbike and going to a beer festival!

I remember Ruth sent me an ice-breaker in June and our answers were very different but we both found it amusing that I would prefer shopping for clothes and she would prefer to shop for CDs! This got us sending messages regularly as we found out we liked the same 70s music and we both loved walking. We swapped photos and I suggested we swap email addresses too so we could see more of the areas we lived in as my home in Somerset was 150 miles from Ruth’s in Leics.

I found we shared similar strange senses of humour and soon we were in contact by phone chatting away and finding out a lot more about each other.

Within a week we met up at a restaurant near Ruth’s home and we had a great evening resulting in a passionate kiss before parting! I knew I had met someone very special.

We arranged to meet again a week later for a tour of Warwick Castle and enjoyed each other’s company, especially sharing a romantic picnic in a remote spot! I think we both felt the same about each other, we seemed to share so many interests and views on life, and soon we were meeting every weekend, work and family commitments permitting. I have fallen head over heels in love with Ruth, she is so loving and kind and perfect! We are looking forward to learning new things together such as dancing and playing piano.

We shared a wonderful short break in York in August and we are going to celebrate Ruth’s birthday by hiring a cottage in France in October. "

Ruth’s story

I had had a really stormy last 8 years with the traumatic break up of my marriage and bringing up 4 young children on my own. I then decided that as the children were growing up I wanted to share my life with a special person..always believing that one day I would find him! After a few rather unsuccessful dating sites I signed up to Parship. I was more attracted to this site as it came across as being more interested in the people and their backgrounds/interests to make matching more likely. I had a few conversations with people but then after only a week or so of joining I contacted Dave. He sounded really nice so we agreed to meet. That first date was brilliant we never stopped talking and laughing and I felt so relaxed with him. He actually asked me what I thought of him and I replied "very nice"!! What really struck me was on that day he had been working in London and drove all the way to the Midlands to meet me and then drove home to Somerset that night...! Since then, every time we have met things just get better and better. It was very apparent that we were both in love with each other and have agreed we will be spending the rest of our lives together. Dave is the most thoughtful, kind, caring and sexy man and we both feel so happy to have met each other. Together we will now have an extended family of 7 children and one grandchild!! I feel like I have won the jackpot with the one man who means everything to me. What more can anyone ask for in life.

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The Parship principle

The Parship principle

Parship helps you find someone who really is right for you - someone to build a future with. 

The Parship principle

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